Tips For Working Towards Personal Security

The world is a dangerous place and there are a lot of people out there that are looking to do harm.  Currently we have a lot of online scams where people try to get you to send them money, they have people pretending to be friends and loved ones in need of help and the main goal out of all of these scams is to do harm.  One of the biggest scams and issues we currently face is human trafficking.  This is why learning to be safe and how to help anti trafficking organizations will be great components to your personal safety.  Until then, here are some tips that you can follow.

Personal information

Never give out your own personal information to anyone – even when you are filling out applications online, creating accounts and more.  There are many people out there that will spoof a real looking website and trick you into giving them your information. Never do this.


anti trafficking organizations

Keep your passwords safe and secure.  You will want to have strong passwords and even consider having the passwords you use autogenerated.  Every ninety days consider changing your password.  The passcodes that you use should also be random.  For example, when you are asked for a security question don’t give your real answer.  Come up with a different answer.  For example, if you are asked “What is your mother’s maiden name” use a response like “hamburger”.

Never go alone

Traveling alone may sound like a good idea and the thought of having to take someone along with you everywhere you go can be tedious.  However, physically traveling with someone may help you in a lot of different ways.  If you can’t, then you will want to have a point of contact that you will check in with regularly.  When you do this then someone has a way to pinpoint your last location and expand out from there.

Our safety is paramount, don’t be paranoid but do be safe.