Key Factors To Consider When Going Through A Divorce

Going through a divorce is never easy for anyone involved.  The fighting, blaming and hurt feelings that arise between all parties just doesn’t seem to stop.  Taking the time to hire a tampa divorce lawyer will be the first step in the process.  The next step is to really sit down and decide how you are going to handle the following issues.

Child custody

The children are more often than not pawns in a divorce.  This should never be done since it will only make the children resentful towards both parents. So, if you want to have a relationship with your children after the divorce don’t use them as pawns.

Child visitation

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In this process both parents will not be living together.  As such, the children will need to split their time between both parents.  The primary parent who has custody needs to be civil when the kids go to the other parent.  Also, the parent that is granted visitation needs to keep their schedule and treat the children just as they would if the divorce was not going on.


When going through a divorce money will typically be a point of contention.  In many relationships the male will be the bread winner and have access and control over the money.  Women in most cases will be home working on the home.  In a divorce situation don’t use the money as a way to get your way.  When you do this it just makes the entire process more difficult than it needs to be.  When bills need to be paid, pay them. 

Be civil

Going through a divorce is not an event that anyone wants to encounter.  Being civil in the divorce process will only help in making this process go by faster, smoother and without burning bridges and relationships later in life.  Don’t do anything that you might regret after everything is settled.