How Long Does a Car Insurance Settlement Take to Negotiate?

If you are a car accident victim who files an insurance claim for damages, you probably wonder exactly how long it’s going to take to receive the compensation. Bills are piling up and the longer it takes to get the compensation owed to them the more frustrating and complex things become.

Some people need a car accident lawyer hernando county fl to help them with a lawsuit. And, the truth is, it takes far less time to settle the lawsuit if a lawyer is there to handle the case. Read below to learn more about the car accident time table.

No two personal injury cases are handled the same. No two insurance companies use the same policies and procedures to handle the matter. And, since each case is so different, so is the amount of time that it takes to handle the matter. Some cases take a couple of weeks while others drag out in court for years.

It takes time to investigate the accident and of course, if you need medical attention for injuries, this can take away from a lawsuit.  The insurance company may immediately offer a settlement, however, you can accept or decline the offer. If you decline the offer, then it is going to take more time to handle the matter.

Sometimes people face the burden of an insurance company that denies responsibility or that refuses to pay the costs of the claim. If this happens, it may seem disheartening, but your lawyer helps ensure that you get what is rightfully owed to you. When someone else causes you negligence, you deserve compensation.

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On average, it takes about one year for an accident case to be resolved. Talk to your lawyer to learn more about the timeframe for your specific case.